My Experience at Planet Fitness

I go to Planet Fitness just about every day to work out. By doing so, I’ve wound up making plenty of acquaintances along the way. Unfortunately, I come across many people training and exercising, but also complaining. A surprising number of people I bump into have varying ailments.

For instance, last month, I overheard a man on the leg curl machine next to me telling his friend about the lower back pain he’s been experiencing. He’s tried a few different methods to alleviate the pain and believes that working out will make it better, but nothing seemed to be working so far.

I have conversed with him a few times in the past, so I felt comfortable interjecting to see if I could be of assistance. I asked him what he tried so far. He mentioned stretching, icing or heating, as well as exercising the troubled area as well as staying away from using it. Nothing permanently resolved the problem.

Then I asked him about his attire, which at first he was confused about. I explained that there are certain materials and styles that can make a significant difference. Specifically, I thought the Performance Compression Back Support Shorts from SWEAT IT OUT® would do the trick. It provides lower spine decompression while allowing greater mobility around the joints. It also helps alleviate lower back pain and sciatic pain and brings a natural body warmth to the lower torso area.

These shorts were created with additional support for the lower back, abdomen and hips for anyone who runs, works out, and potentially suffers from pain in those areas. Proper athletic sneakers can help alleviate this problem for certain exercises, but when you wear this garment, it provides even greater relief, as well as improved comfort and moisture management. The advantages of wearing these Back Support Shorts make them a must for any athlete suffering from lower back pain.

I finally saw him again last week wearing the shorts! He ran up to me, “Efraim!” he exclaimed. Fortunately, he waited until I was in between sets. He couldn’t have been more excited to tell me how big a difference the shorts made. Wearing them has kept him pain-free. He loves the way they look, and how comfortable he feels wearing them. He even asked me if he should buy compression shirts to match to which I responded, “Yes!”

There is a multitude of performance-enhancing garments from SWEAT IT OUT® like running compression shirts, wicking sports bras, and much more. For more information regarding our garments to wear while working out at Planet Fitness, call our compression experts at 1-800-343-8960.