How to Control Excess Sweating During Exercise

Sure, everyone sweats when they are working out. But sometimes sweating too much can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and produce a strong odor. Excessive sweating can also occur due to medications or health problems. There are numerous ways to take control of heavy sweating, and we at SWEAT IT OUT® know a few great methods. Besides, sweat is what we are named for!
Athletic Apparel
We at SWEAT IT OUT® are the experts of quality workout garments that are fabricated to take away moisture from the skin as it perspires. Our clothing, such as the loose fitting COOLMAX® shirts, helps prevent chills by absorbing sweat so it can dry faster. Wearing athletic apparel that reduces sweat will keep you cool and energized as you workout.
Many people put on deodorant before their workout or early in the morning before the start of their day. While deodorant does help minimize sweating and reduce body odor, sometimes it is just not enough. We suggest applying the deodorant at night before you go to sleep so that the ingredients clog the sweat ducts. This will also prevent irritation of the skin caused by sweating.
Carry a Towel
Another trick to try is to keep a small towel or handkerchief in your pocket as you exercise. This way, when you begin to sweat a lot, you can pull out the towel and dry yourself off.
Sweating is one great reason why many active people love to wear our apparel, such as our compression shorts. Check out our website for more information!