4 Things to Remember When Exercising Outdoors This Summer

Is your gym still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? You can certainly keep your fitness routine on track, even as temperatures outside continue to climb, but working out in extreme heat requires some extra preparation and a few additional precautions. 

Keep the following four things in mind as you head out for a sweat session in the summer sun.


We always remind people about the importance of hydration, because even though you’re probably well aware of how important water is to your body, you might still be slacking on your water consumption. Coffee, soda, and sugary juices might taste better, but when it comes to staying hydrated in the summertime, they just don’t do the trick.

Your body uses its water reserves to regulate temperature, so when it’s hot outside, and you’re sweating up a storm, you really need to keep replenishing your fluid levels. Fill up that water bottle before your workout, and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to sip from it!


Protecting your skin from UV rays is crucial when sunning yourself in the yard or lounging by the pool, but it’s just as important when you’re exercising outside. Forgetting your sunscreen could put you at risk for developing skin cancer, so be sure to apply sweat-proof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before any outdoor activity. If you’re going for a long run, hike, or bike ride in the heat, re-apply every 45 minutes to an hour. 

Time of Day

Not an early riser? You might find working out in peak summer temperatures especially taxing — and rather unpleasant. We recommend avoiding the hours between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for outdoor workouts, so if you don’t want to get up early, wait until the evening to get your sweat on. Try to do your workout in the shade whenever possible, and not directly under the sun. 


Set realistic goals for your summer workouts, particularly if you’ve spent most of the spring cooped up in your house, and you’re just now getting back to a regular exercise routine. Don’t push yourself too hard on those scorchingly hot days, and if you ever feel lightheaded or overly fatigued, pull back and give yourself a break. Also, remember that a proper warmup and cool down is still necessary, even if your body feels looser in the summer heat. 

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