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If you have been lucky enough to never have experienced a muscle injury, then these are the Compression Shorts for you. Wearing these Compression Shorts continuously will help prevent hamstring, quadriceps and groin injuries. Designed with our unique fabric to reduce muscle vibration. This allows for more muscular efficiency = power with less pain. (NOT TO BE WORN WHILE SLEEPING), this single layer SWEAT IT OUT® with COOL COMPRESSION® technology fabric offers stretch and recovery of 200% in all directions (360°)! Help avoid unnecessary injuries!! Care Instructions: NO BLEACH! Machine wash cold, tumble dry warm. DO NOT Iron.

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White, Black, Navy, Red


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Performance Compression Shorts (Maintenance Shorts) for Men and Women



  • These shorts help prevent chafing and skin irritations/rashes due to perspiration and friction
  • Enhances cardio efficiency, reduces muscle vibration and fatigue
  • One ply of our unique, comfortable fabric for great muscle support
  • Helps control muscle vibration without restricting movement
  • Will not restrict forward movement
  • Worn continuously will help prevent hamstring, quadriceps or groin injury
  • These shorts reduce pulled muscles and cramping
  • The perfect compression shorts for teams and individual athletes
  • Must be worn as the first layer next to skin to get the full benefits of our product.
  • No Returns, No Exchanges
  • **If your measurements are out of the ranges listed below, there will be an extra charge of $20.00/garment added.**

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request, call 800-343-8960


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