3 Ways to Prevent Lower Back Injuries While Exercising or Playing Sports

Lower back and leg injuries are usually the result of inflexibility in your lower body. The muscles in our legs can easily become tight during physical activity, and if you don’t stretch regularly and keep your muscles warm, they will become increasingly susceptible to pulls, strains, and even tears. The muscles in our body are all connected and function together to enhance your performance. Below are three methods to help prevent muscle injuries in your legs, and especially the lower back, as you become more active with the warm weather.


Stretch before, during, and after a sporting event or a workout routine. Target the muscles in your lower back by focusing on stretching out your hamstrings and calves. These muscles will become tight, inflexible, and sore even in between phases of physical activity such as in between innings in baseball or during halftime in football. It’s imperative that you remain conscious about keeping these muscles limber or else they will, unbeknownst to you, lose elasticity, tighten back up, and increase your risk of pulling a muscle. All of the muscles in the body work in synchronicity, so it’s only natural that your lower back will lose flexibility and become stiff if your lower body muscles are tight.


Generate warmth throughout all of the muscles in your lower body by taking a walk, riding a stationary bike, or going into a sauna. It’s essential to get these muscles moving to produce heat and increase your overall flexibility. By taking a mild walk or riding a stationary bike prior to performing physical activity, you will stimulate the muscles in your legs and give them time to prepare for more a more intense level of exercise. Although a sauna usually does not provide a significant amount of room for physical movements, it’s suggested that the heat of a sauna be paired with stretching so that you can take full advantage of the added flexibility due to the sauna’s extreme warmth. A sauna is a terrific way to prepare for a sporting event or exercise since it relaxes the muscles, helps you to break a sweat, and gets the blood circulating around your body to transport important nutrients everywhere.


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To prevent lower back and leg injuries, athletes are encouraged to increase overall flexibility in their lower body by stretching, generating warmth, and wearing performance enhancing compression shorts. Injuries anywhere in the legs will eventually lead to lower back discomfort as a result of those muscles compensating for an injury further below. Prevent yourself from a pull (and having to feel like an animal had just sunk its teeth into your hamstring or calf) by following the mentioned methods of preventing lower back and leg injuries.


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