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Kick it up a notch at the gym or on the field when you buy compression shirts with COOL COMPRESSION® from SWEAT IT OUT®.

We offer a great selection of compression shirts for men and women who are interested in intensifying their fitness regimen, improving their posture and appearance, or reducing muscular pain. Wear one for soccer, football, baseball, basketball, or a simple workout at the gym, and watch your performance reach new heights!

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What Makes COOL COMPRESSION® Technology Shirts So Great?

It’s simple. COOL COMPRESSION® Technology is the most innovative design in compression gear.

It is scientifically engineered and proven to provide maximum support to major muscle groups by maintaining even pressure all around the muscle. This reduces muscle vibrations and fatigue, which in turn improves workout efficiency. You can go harder and faster without getting tired quickly. 

COOL COMPRESSION® Technology features a special moisture-wicking fabric design that works with the body instead of against it by rotating a full 360°, stretching over 200 percent in all directions, and keeping the body temperature close to 98.6°F. 

Bottom line, COOL COMPRESSION® Technology shirts are the perfect athletic sportswear and clothing garments to help reduce muscular tension and pain. It’s no wonder that professional athletes and regular people love our compression gear and buy more!

Buy the Best Compression Shirts for Sports Online

Every time you hit the football field, swing your baseball bat, dribble a basketball, score the winning goal in a soccer match, or just take to the streets for a quick run, you give 110% and push yourself to new limits. You deserve a compression shirt that works as hard as you do!

SWEAT IT OUT® compression shirts with COOL COMPRESSION® Technology are specially fabricated to boost performance and help reduce post-workout recovery for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Pushing your body’s physical boundaries to optimize athletic gain almost always results in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or, even worse, muscular injuries. Our compression shirts reduce muscle vibrations and fatigue to help alleviate back and shoulder pain, so you can train harder and more often with little risk of injury.

Every product in our line of compression shirts features moisture-wicking fabric that eliminates the discomfort of exercising in saturated clothing. We understand that comfort plays a huge role in your athletic motivation and performance, so we can help you stay cool while you work out.

Buy COOL COMPRESSION® Technology shirts from SWEAT IT OUT® today and enjoy enhanced cardio efficiency, higher energy levels, maximum muscular support, faster rehabilitation time, less risk of injury, and more! Also, check out our line of improved posture support compression shirts available for men and women to correct your posture, improve your appearance, and help alleviate back and shoulder pain.

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SWEAT IT OUT® is your one-stop-shop for high-quality compression gear, from shirts to socks and everything in between. Check out some featured products below and buy your favorite COOL COMPRESSION® Technology gear online.