Why You Should Exercise Outside This Spring

With winter over and warm weather on the horizon, the plants bloom and the days get longer, providing the perfect opportunity for you to spend more time outdoors, not just to relax, but also to exercise! If you’re an early bird, we recommend that you buy compression shorts for running online to stay dry and comfortable. Here are some benefits that taking your fitness routine outside can offer:

Improve Your Mental Health

Exercising not only improves your physical condition, but it also has a positive effect on how you feel. The physical activity increases the release of endorphins and the secretion of serotonin, brightening your mood while modulating stress hormones. Not only that, but you also feel good knowing you accomplished something!

Nature has a beautiful calming effect, allowing people to relax and destress. Exercising outside only strengthens that effect. It can be a great distraction to help you unwind from all the stresses of everyday life at home or work.


Lower Blood Pressure

Spending time outdoors is beneficial for the heart. Along with some of the reasons mentioned above, simply getting fresh air and soaking up the sun can lower stress, anger and tension, in turn, lowering your blood pressure.


You Work Harder Because It’s Fun!

Exercise should already be fun, but when you exercise outside, it can be even more enjoyable. Simply enjoying your workout is vital to the mental health impact of your physical activity. Along with the benefits of nature previously mentioned, it’s also a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of the gym. It motivates you to work harder and run longer!


You Save Money

Speaking of not being a fan of the gym, exercising outdoors is not only convenient, but it’s costs less than a gym membership — because it’s free! Run through your very own neighborhood or find a local park that caters to your fitness routine.


If you heed our advice, make sure you dress properly. If you’d like to buy compression pants for running or any other type of activewear, you came to the right place here at SWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION®. Feel free to browse our wide selection and choose what’s best for you!