Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on the SWEAT IT OUT® Advantage

If you play sports, love to keep fit by running or hiking or are recovering from an injury, having the right compression sportswear can mean the difference between a safe run or gym session and one that can lead you to muscle damage.

Many athletes, especially runners, find themselves the victim of muscle sprains and strains, as well as stress fractures. In the past, an injury could take a runner out of their routine for weeks and sometimes months; now, there’s SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression to keep you on your feet.

If you’re looking to buy running gear online, know that all shorts and tops are not created equal. Our unique performance compression material was designed with athletes like you in mind. Our fabric blend contains a high percentage of Lycra, which offers you the benefit of a state-of-the-art blend of muscle support and flexibility. Our fabric will offer you support where you need it, while also allowing you to run, jump and move however you need to with no itching, chafing or irritation. Our fabrics support muscle maintenance by providing gentle, even compression, making it safer and more comfortable for athletes with lymphedema, hyperhidrosis or who are recovering from an injury or strain.

Even if you do not have special medical needs, a pair of compression shorts or a no-bounce sports bra can increase your athletic performance. Our COOLMAX® fabric was designed to wick sweat away from your body, keeping it at a cool and confident 98.6 degrees. This temperature control, along with the improved accuracy of movement, gives you more control over your body when you’re running or working out, meaning that you can work at peak performance for longer periods of time without getting fatigued.

If you’re looking to upgrade your workout wardrobe, either for medical or performance reasons, choose the best; go with SWEAT IT OUT® Performance Compression and take advantage of the latest technology in sports.