Wearing The Right Exercise Clothes Can Improve Your Workout And Your Attitude

Experts have reported that what you wear to the gym can go a long way toward helping you stay motivated and confident while improving your workout performance.  By putting on a flattering outfit it motivates people to actually go to the gym or to exercise outdoors in public.
As a general rule, wearing black shorts, a sports bra, and a colored top in lime green, soft pink, and shades of blue are a flattering choice for most women. On the other hand, Men tend to wear black for their workout outfits, which is always a safe choice, and everyone looks great in black, regardless of their size, shape, or fitness level.
For individuals who are not confident about their body images, they should look for workout clothes that provide good coverage. For example, a short-sleeved shirt and mid-thigh-length shorts with a relaxed fit.
Workout clothes serves as both a practical and a psychological purpose. “On a practical level, you need special workout clothes simply because street clothes are either too constricting, or they’ll rip, or they’re made from non-breathable fibers,” says health educator Victoria Moran, author of Fit from Within: 101 Simple Secrets to Change Your Body and Your Life. “But psychologically, you need special workout gear to convince yourself it’s time to work out.
Your best bet for any activity is to choose clothes that stretch and bend with you. Wearing long shirts with loose sleeves will get in the way, and could be dangerous if they get caught in the equipment. In addition, loose-fitting tops are not appropriate for yoga or Pilates because they can ride up during some of the moves. Also high impact activities require more form fitting tops to minimize movement and promote comfort and support.
While comfort is key so is clothing that moves moisture away from the body as quickly as possible. Wearing a 100% cotton T-shirt will soak quickly and stay wet making you feel uncomfortable. Most important of all, make sure you are wearing a good pair of workout shoes that are supportive and specific to the activity you plan to do.