Wearing Compression Gear is the Key to Recovery

compression shorts
After playing a long sports game or exercising for hours, many individuals may feel extremely tired, fatigued, or drained. There a variety of techniques to counteract the lack of strength and power that strenuous exercise can cause. One of the most valuable active wear types for post-workout recovery is compression gear. Many skeptics may argue that compression garments do not help the body with exercise, but this is statement is not true. Compression shorts, socks, bras, tights, shirts and more succeed in improving the body and performance when it comes to being active.
Less Pain but Still Gain
How many times have you felt sore after a rough workout? With the right fitting compression gear, your body won’t feel as painful after exercise. This is because compression apparel has the ability to reduce muscle pain and swelling by supporting the body. The material of the garments bounces back the body’s power and strength, unlike other workout clothing. The material hugs and supports the muscles to prevent them from vibrating too much, which is what causes the body to be less sore and more energized after a long workout.
Backed Up by Valid Research
One of the best uses for compression apparel is recovery! According to the research study conducted by the International Journal of Sports Performance and Physiology in 2013, compression clothing that is worn after a workout has little to moderate effects on the recovery of the body. Another study in 2012 done by New Zealand researchers in 2012 showed that rugby players recovered much faster in terms of running and sprinting when they wore compression apparel compared to athletes who didn’t wear compression clothing.
Perfect for Injuries
If you want to be able to recover faster after being extremely active, compression gear is your answer. We at SWEAT IT OUT® offer a wide range of high-quality compression garments that are made out of COOLMAX® fabric and LYCRA® fiber. Aside from post workout recovery, our compression apparel also aids in the recovery process after an injury or surgery. The garments enhance cardio efficiency, delivers warmth to the muscles, reduces fatigue, provides the body with support, and suppresses pulling and cramping. Our selection consists of everything you need to achieve a positive workout recovery, including socks, t-shirts, shorts, capris, and underwear.
According to the article “The Compression Sportswear Craze” by Erik Sofge in Men’s Journal, various famous athletes depend on compression gear to help them with their recovery, such as Dwayne Wade, Meb Keflezighi, Robert Griffin III and Bryan Scott. The athletes claim that their compression gear allows them to be injury-free and less sore. There is no doubt that compression garments work when it comes to recovery. What’s more, compression apparel doesn’t have to only be worn during exercise – they can also be worn during travel or while at work! The clothing is super comfortable and helps the body squeeze blood flow back to the heart.
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