Tips For Running In The Cold Winter Months

The winter season has quickly arrived along with the chilly breeze. It is also the weather that those who are runners enjoy for the challenge. However, if you recently started running and have never ran outside in the cold weather before don’t feel discouraged.  Running in the cold weather is actually good for you.
 Huffing and puffing regularly by running gets your heart pumping which transfers oxygen to your blood and increases your body’s natural virus-killing cells. Also getting fresh air not only gives you a break from the cold-causing germs found indoors, but it also strengthens your immune system.
The cold weather is ideal for running, since there is less heat stress on the body, making it significantly easier to run. While using the treadmill at the gym can get boring, running outdoors is free, convenient, and never dull. Aside from not costing you a dime, you’ll also avoid germs found at the gym and in the locker room.
In addition, running helps release powerful hormones that help minimize depression, while increasing positive mood states during the cold weather months. It also helps your metabolism remain strong.
Furthermore, keeping up with your regular fitness routine during the winter months will help prevent the holiday weight gain that comes along with the holiday party hopping, family get-togethers, and the sweet treats of the season.
Although the cold winter chills can deter any runner, layering up will make your outdoor runs more comfortable. Remember to wear your favorite long-sleeve shirt for those 40-degree days. Wear them over a sports bra and short-sleeve shirt, slip on a pair of pants, merino wool socks, a hat, and mittens, and another long-sleeve layer or fleece vest if it’s super cold, and you are ready for your run.