Think You’re Protected? Think Again.

Hi, my name is Efraim Nathan.  My area of expertise is in fabric, specifically stretch fabric, and compression-finished garments. I am the owner of SWEAT IT OUT® Compression Performance Apparel.
The main reason that I created this blog is, with the 50 years of experience that I have in stretch fabrics, I could tell you why most popular compression garments that are available today will maybe make you look good in the mirror, but they’ll fail you on the field. You will not be able to play the sport that you love for as long as you could, because you think you’re immune because you’re wearing X or Y product. You may think you look like a star, but you’re running towards a disaster: towards a lingering injury:
Shin Splints
Lower Back

This can ALL HAPPEN TO YOU… if you’re not protected.
And don’t think you are alone. Most professional teams have players making millions of dollars a year, just sitting around and warming the bench, all because of a preventable injury. Professional athletes may make millions, but they wear what’s popular. In this instance, keeping up with trends could put an early end to a promising career.
Many athletes suffer from sports-related injuries, many of which are preventable. We have found that, over the last 10 years, Compression Apparel that is available online and in retail stores has no benefit to the body to either prevent injuries or rehabilitate after an injury occurs. In 50% of the merchandise, the fabric is not strong enough, nor does it have sufficient stretch, to support the body. This means that it is made out of bathing suit or lingerie materials—for example, Under Armour, Skins, 2XU, Reebok, etc.
In the other 50% of merchandise available, the problem is that there is not nearly enough vertical stretch for muscle groups to stretch and recover to their natural ability. Most of the stretch is in the horizontal direction, which allows the garment just to go on the body to be worn, such as CW-X, Under Armour, Adidas, Skins, Asics, 2XU, Nike, Stromgren, McDavid. This type of fabric can be found in the girdle section of most department stores.
These two points explain that these so-called “compression garments” are restricting the athlete’s movements. The lack of elongation and recovery causes injuries not to heal and may even cause more lasting damage. Additionally, what is available in retail is mostly a compression short, tight or shirt without any distinct definition of why the person is actually supposed to wear it. The typical answer is “I wear it because I saw someone else wear it.”
We at SWEAT IT OUT® specialize in TRUE COMPRESSION for both the upper and lower body to help prevent injuries, and also to help with rehabilitation from an existing injury.
SWEAT IT OUT®Performance Compression apparel is made from a unique, powerful fabric, designed to be worn next to the skin. It has a tight fit, providing true compression to the underlying tissue and muscle without restriction or discomfort. The LYCRA content in these garments is the highest available for stretch and recovery.
Other brands will give you only the impression of compression and, in many cases, will not provide the support you need. This can lead to greater pain and a longer recovery time in rehabilitation, if you recover from your injury at all.
This blog is not just for me to tell you things—this blog is also for you to tell ME how I can help YOU. What can we do for you to help prevent your next lingering injury? If you want a product and don’t see it on our website, we will make it especially for you. Who, of the companies I mentioned earlier, will custom-make you a product? We are here to help. This blog is here to help. I can’t teach you everything that I know from 50 years of experience in just one post, but I will do my best to answer your questions, to teach what I know, and to learn from you in the posts to follow.
Remember, you don’t have to be an athlete to use our performance compression apparel. Just tell us where it hurts, and we can help.
And don’t forget to SWEAT IT OUT