The Price of Performance?

A reader wrote to us:
“Price IS very important, but I remember when lycra power shorts could be bought off a Wal-mart shelf.  They didn’t fit that well but they still had that strong compression that has helped my endurance sooo much.  I still seek those affordable technologies.”
Here is our response:
You definitely brought up a very important point, which is if it fits.
Most garments off the rack, sold in retail stores, or even in specialty
sporting goods stores, are made by mass manufacturing and companies are not
concerned with correct fit.
Most Customers and Retailers don’t even know how Compression Garments SHOULD
fit.  Their concern is marketing and selling as many pieces as they can.
Our LYCRA POWER Performance Compression product are made to fit you by your
height, weight and your waist measurement – NOT YOUR PANTS SIZE- but your
waist measurement taking a tape measure around at belly button level.
These measurements that we ask for give us a clear picture of the person’s
build and we can get the appropriate size per individual.  If we don’t have
it in stock we will make one to fit you and your specific measurements.
TRUE COMPRESSION relies not only on the garment, but on the proper fit!!!
Thanks for bringing up this important point.
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