Sweat It Out and Ultrarunning

So, what Doesn’t hurt in ultrarunning? My name is Steve Antczak and I’m a fairly new ultrarunner. I really love long distance running because of the community of runners and the ability to test the limits of your personal endurance. Unfortunately, along with great satisfaction in completing ultra long distances or tough technical mountain courses, comes some abuse to your leg muscles. I’ve found that Sweat It Out products during and for recovery help immensely in minimizing the soreness experienced in these events.
My first 100 miler, The Delaware 100, was a tame 10,000 feet of elevation change on fun, but non-technical single track trail and a large amount of asphalt road hills. I was in pretty good pain for a week after the event with very sore quads and hamstrings, and fairly swollen knees and feet. Thanks to a recommendation of a friend, and at length conversations with Sweat It Out owner, Efraim Nathan, I purchased a pair of the Thigh, Groin, Hip & Knee Support – Capri Length compression shorts.
My next 100 mile run was The Animal Camp 100 Mile Endurance Run held in February 2011 in the shore towns of NJ, from Margate to Cape May Point and back. It was an epic adventure at the Jersey Shore that included torrential rain, 40-60MPH storm headwinds, blowing sand, thunder & lightning, sub-freezing over night temps, 24 bridge crossings, 5 boardwalks, fantastic beaches, and a lot of asphalt. The asphalt played havoc on my unprotected ankle, but I am happy to report that I had zero knee swelling, and a barely noticeable amount of leg muscle pain. This was a huge difference from a 50 mile test run of half of the TAC100 course in January, where without the Sweat It Out compression shorts, I had the same muscle and knee issues as the DE100.
In addition to the fantastic support/protection I get from the Sweat It Out compression shorts and capris, I want to point out another important benefit- no chafing!  Long distance runners need to play particular attention to skin irritations from products with rough seams.  I’ve had quite a few other shorts that have rubbed me raw in various places after an endurance run (yes, even with generous lube).  The three different Sweat It Out compression shorts that I own have not caused any chafing after long distance events, even wet or dry, in hot or cold conditions.  Lastly, I like to use my Sweat It Out compression gear for recovery.  Compression helps greatly during the race, but is also key to my recovery.  I like to wear my 1900 Performance Compression Shorts for a few days after the event to help speed up my recovery.
Next year, I will tackle my most ambitious event to date.  I am contesting the McNaughton 200 Mile Trail Run in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  You know that Sweat It Out compression gear will be with me every step of the way in this grueling 72 hour event!

Steve Antczak