Protecting Your Legs to Stay Active




There’s no doubt that all athletes depend on their groins, thighs, hips and hamstrings for incredible speed, quickness and agility. They’re some of the most important muscles to stretch out, loosen up and keep limber before, during and after physical activity. Your explosive power and acceleration wouldn’t be possible without the great strength of these essential bodily components. Our legs help us to chase down whatever it is we might be going after, and get back on our feet when we get knocked down.

Without stretching properly before engaging in physical activity, especially as you get older, you’re dramatically increasing the risk of having to deal with painful, devastating injuries to your upper leg region. When you’re an athlete, physical activity is so valuable to your well-being. It allows you to release stress, improve your health, look great and feel better. Exercise TRULY IS the Fountain of Youth. So when you’re active on a regular basis, you help to increase the possibility of living a longer, healthier life.

When you pull your hamstring, for example, it feels as if something jumped up out of the ground while you were running and sunk its teeth right into the back of your leg. The pain is certainly intense and the injury can often reoccur if you try to get back to physical activity too soon, or if you don’t take the proper measures to prepare yourself before it in the future. Until you experience a serious injury involving your legs, it’s tough to realize how you should never take them for granted.

Stretching before, during and after playing a sport or exercising undoubtedly assists you in preventing lower body injuries. But there are also compression shorts that can supplement your injury prevention measures and provide you with an ideal level of comfortable support. SWEAT IT OUT®, for instance, sells some of the best compression shorts for hamstrings and your entire upper leg region. By limiting the amount of vibration that impacts the muscles while playing a sport or exercising, athletes will notice a significant improvement in muscle efficiency and power, as well as a decrease in fatigue and the possibility of an injury taking place while wearing these products.

When you want to remain active and continue drinking from the Fountain of Youth, it’s valuable for you to invest in protective and breathable clothing for your legs. Maybe you’re looking for compression shorts for tennis, for example, running, baseball or for when you hit the gym—either way, they will provide you with an ideal level of support in all directions, without ever restricting movement. Compression shorts will also help you to recover from vigorous physical activity quicker by suppressing lactic acid buildup. This will make you step on the field again with more vigor than usual.

When you take the appropriate measures to prepare your legs for physical activity, you’ll experience a noticeable improvement in your overall performance and ability to stay on the field. You’ll also find that getting out of bed in the morning after physical activity is much easier. Never underestimate the tremendous power and control that your legs provide for your body. Stretch, loosen and support your leg muscles to stay in shape and continue reaping the endless number of benefits associated with being active. Keep the base of your foundation strong and your entire body will remain fortified.

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