Our Latest Customer Testimonial By Mike Shay On SWEAT IT OUT’s Long Sleeve Shirt

Hi Efraim,
Just wanted to tell you about the incredible results I have wearing the SWEAT IT OUT long sleeve shirt. It is like having an additional layer of fascial tissue holding everything in place and allowing stretching of muscle and fascia as well. I played for about 5 hours straight in a table tennis tournament. It improves my playing ability in so many ways. Lack of fatigue is so evident, if a muscle is injured or sore, then proprioceptor mechanisms like the muscle spindle and golgi tendon organ both seem to work more effectively. They prevent injury and actually promote healing an injury even when active by making the above mechanisms much more effective to restore balance and improve sensory nerve feedback to the brain. Also wearing a long sleeve t-shirt over the SWEAT IT OUT shirt really keeps my muscles warm so they do not tighten up or get stiff between matches. It also works great for weight training.
The tights you sent are also great, together they keep my body warm with the long sleeve shirt, I do wear SWEAT IT OUT SHORTS over the tights for extra support. For most people the tights would be fine by themselves. My friend Lance Yedersberger, just ordered a shirt and I ordered another shirt also, a really fantastic high quality product that allows athletes to continue to work out and maintain a quality of life as they age.
-Mike Shay