MADE IN THE USA! Or is it?

Why do we stop producing in the USA?
How important it is for manufacturers for people to think about and look for that MADE IN THE USA Label.
If you didn’t know, 90% of goods sold in the USA are manufactured overseas.
50 years ago the USA manufactured the BEST PRODUCTS in the world—that’s right, most everything was made here by the American Workforce.
There was great pride in being American, shopping for American products and in making American products.
These days, everything has a different Country’s name on the label from Taiwan, Mexico, China, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, etc.
We all know that those Countries listed use cheap labor and materials, so the Companies making products overseas can make high profits in most cases.
Loss of jobs in the textile, steel, wood and plastic industries for example have become a lost cause!
Those jobs are lost to the American Worker forever!
Every day many other industries are moving overseas, even the service industries with Customer Service Centers,  because of cheaper labor and materials.
How can the American Consumer help ???
When you find a quality product that is MADE IN THE USA, buy it and support those companies.
Don’t just buy what you see advertised on TV—make the smart choice and take a stand for your Country.