Lower Back Pain

In my experience, most athletes (and non-athletes) suffer from lower back pain.  Most lower back pain can be simply cured with daily exercise.  However, as we all know, we’re busy working, and we have no time for daily exercise.
Our back support short was designed to reduce lower back pain, and it will allow you to do physical activity, and go to work– if you wear it all day, every day.
Don’t believe me about lower back pain?  Read this fascinating article called “Demolishing the Myths About Back Pain.”
Don’t believe me about the benefits of the shorts?  Hear it directly from David, a satisfied customer:
“Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know that your back performance shorts have changed my life.  :)
I bought them about 3 weeks ago because I always had severe problems with my back after playing basketball.  Sometimes I had to wait for three weeks to be able to play again.  Thanks to your performance shorts I can play 100% each time I play and I haven’t had ANY problems with my back since I have been starting to wear them.
Playing without pain is a great feeling.  I didn’t believe it, but these shorts really work.”
Thank you so much,