Knee Pain Relief: How Compression Gear Can Help with Joint Pain

female boxer wearing compression capris with knee stabilizer

Knee joint pain is a serious problem for a lot of people — we’re talking up to 100 million Americans! It’s actually the second most common cause of chronic pain. Everyday activities like working or playing sports can put the knee joint under a lot of strain, so it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with it.

Those who suffer from knee joint pain, be it everyday people or professional athletes, should consider compression gear as a possible solution. SWEAT IT OUT® with COOL COMPRESSION® Technology offers a fantastic line of compression gear that provides knee joints with much-needed support, helping to alleviate pain and swelling and bring relief. 

What Causes Knee Joint Pain?

Knee joint pain can be caused by many things, including:

  • Sprains, strains, and tendon damage from twisting motions.
  • Repetitive trauma, as often seen in runners.
  • Heavy lifting that results in an injury. 
  • Sciatica 
  • Bursitis caused by kneeling on hard surfaces for prolonged periods.
  • Arthritis, which may or may not be age-related.
  • Long-term damage from being overweight.

The Consequences of Knee Joint Pain

No matter the cause, knee joint pain can ultimately decrease your quality of life. You may find that you can no longer exercise or work as effectively as you once did, or it may be so severe that even walking or sitting causes pain. 

Swelling is one of the most common side effects of knee joint pain and can be caused by inflammation of the joint or of the surrounding tissues. It can be characterized as both acute and chronic, depending on the underlying condition. 

If you’re an athlete suffering from chronic knee joint pain, you know the tremendous effect it has on your performance. Severe knee joint injuries can hold you back from playing or even put an end to your career.

Arthritis is more common in older people, but rheumatoid arthritis can affect people of all ages. The swelling and pain caused by arthritis may be made worse by cold weather, leaving you with stiff, aching joints and reduced mobility.

Choose Compression Gear For Support and Recovery

If you’ve recently suffered a minor sports injury, follow the RICE protocol. 

If you don’t see improvement in a few days, consult a doctor. Remember, while you’re recovering, don’t completely immobilize the joint. Gentle movement helps keep the blood flowing to your soft tissues, keeping your muscles strong and promoting tissue repair. Compression apparel can provide some much-needed support for your knees, taking the pressure off the knee joint and helping you stay active and mobile.

Those who are recovering from surgery should opt for the Performance Compression Tights for Men and Women, which feature single-ply fabric that is gentle on the skin. Since skin and underlying tissue can be raw post-surgery, doctors and surgeons recommend starting with the tights and switching to the Performance Compression Thigh, Groin, & Hip Support Capris with Knee Stabilizers for Men and Women once the skin has healed.

If you struggle with instability, perhaps due to ACL or meniscus damage, the support from compression shorts could make the difference between recovery or repeated re-injury of the joint.

Compression gear can also help with sciatica pain that has traveled down to the knee joint. Sciatica is caused by damage or excessive pressure to the sciatic nerve, which starts at the lower back and extends to the toes. We offer Back Support Shorts as well as Performance Compression Thigh, Groin, & Hip Support Capris with Knee Stabilizers for Men and Women to help treat sciatica pain wherever it may be. 

Another way compression garments can help with knee joint pain is by trapping heat to help keep your legs warm while wicking away moisture. The increased warmth encourages the blood vessels in your knees to expand, promoting better blood flow and thereby speeding up tissue repair.

Many athletes find the Performance Compression Thigh, Groin, & Hip Support Capris with Knee Stabilizers for Men and Women helps reduce knee joint pain and swelling from exercise. In fact, our wide range of compression shorts, capris, and tights is recommended by chiropractors and athletic trainers to be used during training or even in day-to-day life to reduce swelling, support the kneecap, and provide elastic compression that can help boost blood flow.

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