Just being a teenager with Sweat it Out

When my son was 12, doctors discovered he had an arterio-venal malformation (a rogue growth of veins) growing on the top of his left foot. Because he was only 12 and still growing, the doctors did not want to do any sort of surgery until he was older because it might interfere with the growth plates on that foot.   However, left untreated, the veins would continue to grow, so the doctors decided to contain the growth by having my son wear a compression stocking on that foot.    Just like any 12-year old boy, my son was horrified when we went to get the prescription filled and found that they only carried flesh colored hosiery!  To his credit, he swallowed his pride and wore one home.  However we immediately went online and searched for other options!  After some searching, we found the 140 CoolMax Firm Compression Athletic Socks, which are the perfect compression for him.  He was thrilled to not have to wear “gramma hose” anymore, and we are grateful for this product because it allows him to be just a regular teenager.
Lisa Sargent