Importance of Wicking Underwear

When shopping for good performance gear, it’s easy to forget about what goes underneath it all.  The wicking performance gear that you wear is only as good as the wicking underwear you have underneath.
Wicking underwear is your first line of defense against sweat.  You can have all the best performance wicking gear, but if your gear underneath is absorbing your sweat, then you will still be very uncomfortable.  Wicking underwear can include sports bras for women, underwear for both men and women, and long johns for both men and women.  These items should wick the sweat away from your body to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  With colder temperatures quickly approaching, this will be especially important during outdoor exercise.  If you are not wearing the proper moisture wicking underwear and performance gear, the sweat will make your body feel wet and cold.  This will make your workout uncomfortable and will prevent you from getting in an effective workout.  The best wicking underwear should be breathable and dry quickly.  It’s also beneficial if the underwear has a flat seam construction as to not show any unsightly lines under your performance gear.  Keeping your skin dry during a workout will prevent your skin from becoming irritated or chaffed.  If you are not dry and comfortable, your workout will suffer.
Wicking underwear made from 100% COOLMAX® fabric is the best for maximum comfort, dryness, and breathability.  Don’t try to conquer cold weather running without your performance wicking COOLMAX® fabric men’s underwear.  It will keep you dry and comfortable so you can achieve the best possible workout.  Wicking gear can include underwear, shorts, pants, and tops.  Start with wicking underwear and layer accordingly with the proper wicking clothing for your cold weather workout.