How to Deal With a Muscle Injury

When a muscle injury occurs, physical therapy and maintaining healthy fitness is important for the body to heal. A damaged muscle can be disheartening, but with the appropriate recovery measures, the strength will come back like it should. Injuries can happen from rough impact during sports, lifting too much weight, or from intense training. The muscle can tear tissues or have tendons ripped, which is a common wound that happens to athletes. We at SWEAT IT OUT® share a few tips on how to deal with a muscle injury.
Apparelcompression body
When it comes to regaining strength after an injury, it is good to wear clothing that will improve performance and prevent further damage to the body. Our compression apparel at SWEAT IT OUT® is fabricated to aid in muscle recovery because it is made out of a special fiber material. Our items, such as the COOLMAX® shirts and LYCRA® Capris stabilize the muscle and provide comfort during strenuous activity. It manages moisture when sweating and improves the body joints sensory feedback from the skin.
Physical Therapy
Once the muscle is damaged, it cannot handle the same work out that it could before. Performing the same amount of physical effort will only make the injury worse. Instead, a minimal amount of fitness should be initiated so slowly regain back the muscle strength and make it stronger.
Like any road to recovery, time and patience is a major factor. Rest and relaxation will allow the muscle tissues and tendons to restore.
Ice Pack
A muscle injury can cause much pain. Other than pain killers or muscle relaxers, icing theIce_pack area with a cooler pack will reduce the swelling. Icing the muscle one or two hours a day will aid the muscle in the rejuvenation process.
If you have a muscle injury, we highly suggest wearing compression apparel. The clothes also prevent injury as well, especially during sports. Check out our compression shorts perfect for playing tennis, or the Gradient compression socks that protect the ankle during basketball.