How Our Compression Wear Helps Combat the Winter Cold

If you’ve ever tried to complete your normal run or training schedule in the dead of winter, you’ve probably already noticed that lower temperatures usually equal a decrease in athletic performance. This is because when you wear standard athletic wear during a winter workout, your muscles lose a large amount of heat that’s needed to keep them flexible.

Most athletes note that when they’re training during the winter, they’re less flexible and their nerves are more easily pinched. This is also due to the effects of the drastic decrease in temperature, and can easily put athletes at risk of a muscle strain or tear if they don’t take preventative steps to conquer the cold.

Along with increased stretching, SWEAT IT OUT®’s unique house-designed compression fabric can help decrease the likelihood that you’ll injure yourself during your winter training. SWEAT IT OUT®’s compression line, which includes everything from tights to arm sleeves for running, uses a special blend of COOLMAX® and LYCRA® fibers in order to increase blood flow to the muscles, allowing you to train for longer periods of time at your peak levels.

SWEAT IT OUT®’s compression fabric, unavailable with any other brand on the market, acts as a “second skin,” increasing cardiovascular activity, which is crucial in maintaining muscle flexibility and avoiding injury. You’ll also see reduced swelling and increased oxygen flow to your muscles, which can also help to heal any injuries faster than standard running shorts alone.

Don’t let the colder temperatures slow down your training regimen! Protect your muscles and keep your eyes on your fitness goals with SWEAT IT OUT®’s one-of-a-kind compression apparel. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of compression wear or you’re ready to buy compression tights online, we encourage you to visit us online today!