Fall is the Perfect Time to Embrace Outdoor Sports with SWEAT IT OUT®

If you’ve been thinking about getting back into shape or finally taking your doctor’s orders to lose weight seriously, fall is one of the best seasons to finally take your workouts outdoors and enjoying everything that the fall season has to offer.

As the temperatures start to get cooler and more bearable, more and more people like to take their running routine from the treadmills at Planet Fitness to the trails, and go from indoor bocce ball courts to outdoor basketball courts and tennis matches. If you’re interested in getting more fit, fall is the best season to start on your journey. No matter what your sport, you’ll enjoy a fuller and fun life with fitness!

No matter which fall sport you choose or if you go to the gym at Planet Fitness, it’s crucial to make sure that you have the right athletic wear to prevent injuries and worn-out muscles, keeping you active longer. At SWEAT IT OUT®, our compression fabric, unavailable with any other brand on the market, acts as a “second skin,” increasing cardiovascular activity and helping you to stretch your muscles safely and keep your body well oxidized and hydrated.

You’ll also see reduced swelling and increased oxygen flow to your muscles, which can also help to heal any injuries faster than standard running shorts or other brand’s standard compression shorts for running.

SWEAT IT OUT® offers the best compression athletic wear to keep you safe and focused while you’re outside enjoying the best sports of the season or inside working out at Planet Fitness. No matter if you’re looking to buy wicking sports bras to keep you dry and cool while you’re working out or arm sleeves online to reduce the probability of injury, we have the one-of-the-kind compression products that you need this fall.

Learn more about our compression garments by browsing our website or giving our team a call at 800-343-8960. Whether you are interested in our line of compression shorts for tennis, running, working out at Planet Fitness or any other sport, experience the difference with SWEAT IT OUT®.