Does Compression Sportswear Really Help?

Everywhere you look athletes and even runners in your neighborhood are wearing compression sportswear. However, the question is do they actually work?
Believe it or not compression gear has been used in the medical field before they became popular among athletes today. You may have even noticed someone suffering from vein disorders, edema, or diabetes wearing compression garments.
For diabetics, compression socks can do great wonders. They can increase the circulation in the feet, provide support, and with there moisture wicking technology prevent bacteria from growing. These are great benefits for those that struggle with the disease on a daily basis. So when someone asks you if compression gear really works or if it’s just for show, educate them on the fact compression has long been used in the medical field before it has made a breakthrough in the sports industry.
Many people will argue their effectiveness, but there is no denying that compression shirts, socks, and shorts provide support for athletes. For those putting in a lot of distance or training for marathons can reap of the benefits as Jenny Hadfield stated, “I found having compression, especially on my quads, really helped in decreasing muscle movement with each stride and reducing impact forces.”
Compression gear no doubt is comfortable and is shown to reduce muscle fatigue as well as speed up recovery. Since it has been around for more than 60 years, physical therapists have shown that those suffering from lymphedema (which is a blockage of the lymph vessels that drains fluid from tissues) have had good results. Areas that shown chronic swelling and were treated with compression garments have been shown to be effective.
The bottom line is compression sportswear has been around for quite some time. Studies have shown its effectiveness on medical patients and hard training athletes. Testimonials and experiences with compression gear are only going to increase as more athletes reap of the benefits of not only comfort and support but also reducing muscle vibration, which is a major cause of muscle fatigue.