COOLMAX® Fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®: Great for Winter Sports & Other Activities


Ready to stay cooler than the competition? COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® can help athletes of all sports improve their performance; here’s how:  

Ice hockey. There’s no mistaking that even though hockey is played in cold environments, players can still become dehydrated and overheated. Not only do they exert a great deal of energy while skating, but they also wear protective padding; which is why you’ll see hockey players soaked in sweat while the fans are wearing jackets in the stands. However, when hockey players wear COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®, it helps keep their bodies cooler than other types of sportswear. This boosts their performance levels and, in addition, prevents muscle fatigue, so they can play with the same intensity throughout all three periods.

Basketball. Similar to ice hockey, basketball requires a special type of endurance; players must be in great shape to run up and down the court the entire game. In addition, they’re shooting, jumping and using a lot of quick footwork to defend, as well as score on their opponents. While training and practicing, players can keep their muscles fresh and body temperatures low by wearing COOLMAX® fiber shirts from SWEAT IT OUT®. Whether they go with a long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, players will stay cooler and more comfortable than the competition. This way, their muscles won’t feel nearly as exhausted and their body won’t feel as sore as it usually does after playing.

Working out. With the new year underway, everyone knows that it’s important to get off to a good start by being more conscious about healthier living; but maybe you’ve suffered from injuries in the past and that’s why you’ve been hesitant about incorporating physical activity back into your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re looking for the best compression shorts for hamstring support, so you can feel more confident about running and doing leg exercises. Or you’re trying to find a long sleeve shirt designed to provide back, neck and shoulder support. No matter what, you’ll take good care of your muscles when you wear COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®.

Play at your best this winter with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®!

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