Compression Gear for Running Recovery

Pretty much everyone now agrees that one of the keys to succeeding at sports, or reaching your highest potential in athletics, is a successful recovery process, whether from physical exertion or injury. And that is, of course, exactly what we specialize in. This month, since one of the biggest groups of people using compression clothing for recovery are runners, we wanted to talk a little about why they do that: what are the recovery benefits that compression clothing offers for running enthusiasts?












There’s actually been a lot of research and studies about the effect of using different kinds of compression clothing for running recovery. Much of it supports the idea that there’s a correlation between less post-exercise soreness and decreased fatigue and the use of compression clothing. For example, Ajmol Ali, a PhD in the Sports and Exercise Science Department of Massey University, conducted a study about compression socks that suggests using them reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. Some studies have also discovered increases in blood low and lymph removal during the recovery after wearing compression socks. In addition to studies and research, countless athletes, including professional runners, have talked about their personal experiences with compression clothing and the way they feel it helps them recover faster, as well as avoid soreness and fatigue.


One of the most popular SWEAT IT OUT® products among runners are definitely the compression socks, but many have also found our compression shorts, tights and tops useful in aiding recovery, particularly in the case of injuries.


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Yet another study published on the subject argues compression clothing decreases swelling with people whose occupation requires long periods of time spent standing up. The idea of less swelling, especially in relation to long times spent upright, becomes more and more important the longer your run is. If, for example, you’re doing an ultra-marathon or a long treks, the ability to keep swelling down can be crucial to your comfort and recovery. There’s also a variety of other benefits to consider for runners, from warmth to protection from scratches and how well our compression clothing breaths, but we’ll blog about those another time. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the crispy winter weather and….