5 Winter Sports You Need Compression Shorts For


Are you playing a winter sport? Ready to up your game by taking better care of your legs both on and off the field? Hundreds of customers have already asked our experts, “Why wear compression shorts?” To answer any of the questions you might have, we’ve listed a number of winter sports in which an athlete’s performance can only be improved with compression shorts.

Hitting the slopes. Whether you enjoy snowboarding or skiing, the 1900 SL Thigh Groin & Hip Support shorts from SWEAT IT OUT® will keep your muscles fresh and unfatigued. While some athletes snowboard or ski recreationally, others have polished their skills enough to do it at a competitive level. Either way, compression shorts designed with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® will ensure you always perform at your best!

1. Indoor track. If you’re interested in improving your muscle stamina and enjoying a faster recovery time, you’ll find only the best compression shorts for running at SWEAT IT OUT®. There’s no doubt that runners rely on their legs to chase down their dreams. However, considering the amount of training required to excel competitively, many athletes push their leg muscles beyond their limits. That said, the 1900 SL Thigh Groin & Hip Support shorts from SWEAT IT OUT® will protect the most important part of a runner’s body: their legs.

 2. Spring training. In just a few weeks, baseball players everywhere will report to spring training, including those in high school and college. Even if an athlete and the rest of his or her team isn’t going to an area with warm weather for practice, they’ll still be training at least a few times a week to prepare for the upcoming season.

If you’re a baseball player, you already know how easy it is to pull a muscle considering the amount of downtime that comes along with this sport. Still, don’t let a preseason injury take away from all that hard work you put in during the offseason. Make sure you keep your leg muscles fresh and cool with cutting edge compression shorts designed with COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®.

3. Basketball & ice hockey. As the two most popular winter sports in the United States, athletes everywhere are either running up and down the court, or skating around the rink regularly every winter. These two sports demand a lot out of an athlete’s legs. While basketball involves a lot of sprinting, jumping and agility, ice hockey—on the other hand—requires a lot of explosive, lower body movements. If you play one of these sports, never take your leg strength for granted; it means everything in terms of your performance. That said, buy compression shorts for basketball or hockey from SWEAT IT OUT® to ensure your legs stay strong throughout every game.

4. Bulking season. Anyone who loves working out can probably attest to the fact that the winter is typically when most athletes try to put on additional muscle mass. The goal is to bulk up now and then—once spring is within sight—they’ll cut weight and start toning their muscles for a leaner, more “chiseled” appearance. However, in order to pack on more muscle, athletes must increase their caloric intake—and especially perform less repetitions while doing more sets with heavier weight. So if you’re trying to bulk up this winter, improve your performance in the weight room and limit your risk of injury by wearing the best compression shorts on the market today.

Ready to become a better athlete by supplementing your game with the right gear? Don’t wait any longer! Buy compression shorts from SWEAT IT OUT®. Trust us, you won’t regret it!