4 Reasons to Wear a Compression Sleeve

Compression sleeves are not only stylish and trendy, but they’re also essential to the in-game performance and off the field muscle recovery of athletes. Whether a pitcher is in search of a baseball sleeve to enhance his performance, or a point guard is looking to buy basketball sleeves for both of her arms to improve her recovery—all athletes have a lot to gain from wearing the innovative product. Below, are four reasons to consider wearing a compression sleeve before, during and after a competition or workout:


Improve Blood Circulation


When athletes experience forearm and elbow muscle injuries, swelling and inflammation will quickly occur. This causes you to experience poor circulation in the areas that have been negatively impacted. Poor circulation in certain areas of your body will prevent you from performing a physical activity to your fullest potential.  Luckily, compression sleeves aid in the facilitation of healthy blood circulation and will, as a result, help you to prevent swelling near the injured region of your body. Despite having injured your arm, the performance enhancing products will ensure that your blood is circulating as healthily as possible.


Body Temperature Control


Regardless of whether the temperature of the environment in which you’re competing or exercising is hot or cold, compression sleeves will help you to regulate the temperature of your body. SWEAT IT OUT®, for instance, designs their compression sleeves with COOLMAX® fiber, which helps to propel sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it dries faster than any other material. In moisture management tests, garments designed with COOLMAX® fiber dried almost completely in just thirty minutes, while cotton remained wet by nearly fifty percent. Less energy is spent cooling your body when advanced evaporation methods are utilized. The state-of-the-art breathability will help to increase your overall athletic performance and endurance.


Limits Soreness


The high stretch, form -fitting designs of compression sleeves improve the feedback that receptors in your skin, muscles and joints send to your brain. The sleeves ultimately function as another layer of skin for your arms. The stretch and recovery capacity of the compression sleeves available from companies like SWEAT IT OUT®, are increasingly innovative in the sense that they provide compression while also permitting a natural range of motion. Since these products reduce muscle vibration, which is a major cause of muscle fatigue, you’ll be able to perform longer at a greater level of efficiency. By limiting the impact of strenuous, athletic movements, athletes will experience less soreness during and after a competition or workout.


Quicker Recovery


The impact of demanding physical activity will not affect your arm as negatively as when you’re not wearing a sleeve. While wearing the compression product after a game or workout, the required recovery time will be significantly less than before. Since your blood will be circulating more efficiently to your heart, regions of your arm will promptly receive essential nutrients to rehabilitate itself faster. Compression sleeves are recommended for all athletes, especially those that consistently perform a throwing or shooting motion, such as quarterbacks, pitchers and basketball players. In-game performance relies heavily on your muscle’s ability to recover from the most recent game or workout, which is why it’s significant to focus on the health of your muscles—especially when you’re off the field.


By wearing a compression sleeve, you’ll quickly begin to recognize the performance enhancing perks of the design. Through the added support and enabled free-range of motion, athletes will notice a decrease in the soreness that usually exists in their arm following a competition or workout, as well as an improvement in recovery time. Greater blood circulation, along with body temperature control, should encourage any athlete to explore compression sleeve products. Take proactive measure in regards to injuries to ensure that you’re always on the field when your teammates need you.


Explore SWEAT IT OUT®’s inventory if you’re looking to buy compression shorts online or interested in compression shorts for tennis or any other sport. The company’s wide assortment of cutting-edge merchandise is certain to provide any athlete with more confidence about their performance before, during and after competing.