3 Tips on Preventing Lower Body Injuries & Improving Athletic Performance


To be a successful athlete, you must always take great care to your lower body. In your legs, there are slew of muscles that work together to help you run faster, jump higher and cut quicker; they’re responsible for providing you with power, agility and speed. To help you prevent leg and lower back injuries, as well as improve your athletic performance, here are three important tips:

1. Stop skipping leg day at the gym. Anybody that likes to work out and stay in shape has, most likely, gone through phases in which they skipped leg day a few times in fear of the intense soreness that typically follows. After working out your legs, standing up, sitting down, climbing the stairs and simply walking can all be troublesome tasks; it’s almost as if you’ve aged a few decades overnight.

When people skip leg day repeatedly, though, they become “top heavy.” Sure, it’s great to work out your upper body to look toned and muscular, but you must understand that your legs are the foundation for your entire body. If you’re neglecting your legs, your athletic performance will suffer and lower body injuries will plague any progress.

2. Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Whether you’re working out, practicing or playing a sport, ensuring your entire body is limber, especially your legs, must be your number one priority; otherwise, two things will happen: You won’t perform as well in the gym or on the field, and the likelihood of straining, pulling or even tearing a muscle is much higher.

When you don’t loosen up your muscles before physical activity, there’s limited elasticity; they’re tight and inflexible, making it easy for you to push them past their limits. To help avoid lower body injuries, generate warmth by walking, jogging lightly, riding a stationary bike or going in a sauna, and then spending quality time stretching each muscle afterwards.

3. Wear the 1900SL Thigh, Groin & Hip Support Shorts from SWEAT IT OUT®. This product is designed to offer a great level of both comfort and support. The shorts help keep muscles from vibrating, which suppresses lactic acid buildup and reduces cramps, strains and pulls. They improve muscle efficiency and power, limit fatigue and promote a faster recovery time; thus, they’re essential to an athlete’s rehabilitation process after experiencing an injury.

Designed with 70% COOLMAX® fiber and 30% LYCRA® fiber, athletes will enjoy incredible comfort and breathability with this product. Moreover, the 210% synchronized stretch allows for great support in all directions for both men and women, without ever restricting movement. When wearing these shorts, athletes will feel more confident and perform better, whether in the gym or on the field. As the best compression shorts for hamstring, quad, thigh, hip flexor and groin injuries, athletes can depend on this product to give them both the support and flexibility they need to perform well.

These shorts are meant to be worn from morning till evening (about 10 – 12 hours a day). Athletes are supposed to wear them throughout the day at work, school, during a practice, a game etc., and then take them off at night once they’re laying down and their legs are elevated. It’s suggested that people purchase multiple pairs of shorts to ensure they have a clean pair to wear each morning.

Placing emphasis on leg workouts, sticking to a stretching routine and wearing the 1900SL Thigh, Groin & Hip Support Shorts from SWEAT IT OUT®, will help you to prevent lower back and leg injuries, as well as improve your overall athletic performance!

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