3 Reasons to Buy American Made Products from SWEAT IT OUT®


If you’re looking to buy compression activewear, don’t make the mistake of buying products that are manufactured overseas. Below, are three reasons to buy American made products from SWEAT IT OUT®:

1. Unlike other popular brands, such as Nike or Under Armor, who use independent contract manufacturers in other countries to produce their apparel, COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® is designed and produced right here in the Unites States! For this reason, you’ll exclusively support an American company and its workers by purchasing any of our products.

A lot of people like to complain about the economy and how much money they have to spend for certain things; however, many of them won’t hesitate for a second to buy a product that had been manufactured in, for example, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan or Malaysia. To ensure our economy works to our advantage, more people need to show support for our country by purchasing products made right here on American soil.

2. Here at SWEAT IT OUT®, our staff emphasizes a superior level of quality, capability and performance throughout the design and production phases of each product. Unfortunately, this kind of approach towards manufacturing high-quality American products has seemingly vanished among most companies, over time.

This is not the case, however, with SWEAT IT OUT®; we’re passionate about making products that are built-to-last! Whether you’re interested in buying compression shorts for basketball, for instance, or a sleeveless compression shirt for baseball, you can have confidence in knowing that our activewear will help to improve your athletic performance, as well as prevent injuries.

3. When you purchase products that are manufactured outside the U.S., you’re indirectly supporting the horrible working conditions of a foreign country, including the exploitation of children, long hours and extremely low wages. All in all, choosing to buy only American made activewear from SWEAT IT OUT®, means you’ll be making a statement that you support democracy!

Keep in mind that each single manufacturing job creates an additional five to eight jobs. So before walking out of a sporting goods store with a product made somewhere halfway across the world, just think about how that will affect the economy, as well as the job market, right here in the U.S. Not only is the purchase of American made products from companies like SWEAT IT OUT® beneficial for the people of this country, but it will also be of greater quality!

Whether you’re looking for compression tops, for example, arm sleeves for running or a sleeveless compression shirt, look no further than SWEAT IT OUT®! To learn more, visit our website and check out our activewear, or call 1-800-343-8960 to speak with a professional today.

In 1985,shutterstock_106649108 the Lontex Corporation was founded by President Efraim Nathan, which took off as a highly sought-after manufacturer of girdles for women. These products were sold at popular retailers such as Macy’s, Wannamaker’s and Strawbridge’s. Nathan’s passion for manufacturing high-quality, comfortable clothing right here in the USA motivated him to design COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®.

Now, athletes everywhere value the exceptional material used to make this line of activewear, which is designed to sustain the body’s energy and power. Although manufacturing activewear overseas is more cost-effective, COOLMAX® fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® is a perfect example of how high quality products can be mass-produced and sold, all on American soil.