Written Testimonials

“I am a marathon runner and have run for years. This summer I partially tore my hamstring. It took about six weeks to get the swelling down. For the next six weeks I tried to built back my strength will some exercise, stretching, walking and weights. I made virtually no progress and running more than about 50 feet was impossible. It felt like I was carrying a dead leg. A friend of mine mentioned SWEATITOUT compression shorts. I called SWEATITOUT and spoke with Nathan telling him about my hamstring tear and the lack of progress I had made. He recommended the 1900SL Thigh, Groin & Hip Support Shorts. Nathan told me to get two pairs, one for when I was working out and one to wear 8 to 10 hours a day. He told me wearing them all day, every day, was essential to the healing process. It is now a little over a month since I received the shorts. I followed Nathan’s advice to the letter and the results have been stunning. Today I ran a mile (with a few walk breaks in between) with no pain. I chose when to take my walk breaks rather than being forced to stop by fatigue. While a conservative mile may not seem like a lot, for me it was a victory. I just spoke with Nathan and, with his advice, have ordered a set of the 1900 SLCP Performance Compression Thigh, Groin, & Hip Support Capris to provide support to my knee and calf as I continue my recovery. If you have had a similar injury, I highly recommend the shorts. Do get two pairs. This way you can wear one set when working out (getting sweaty) and one set 8 to 10 hours during the rest of the day in place of underwear. You will notice what seems like a lack of support when you take them off at the end of the day. Couple the shorts was a daily exercise regiment and I hope that you will heal and get stronger as I am. Do wear them all day. They work.”

Ted Conner

Allentown, PA