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Having good posture will help you to develop strength, flexibility and balance in your body. It will help decrease muscle pain in the neck, shoulders and back. The Improved Posture Compression Short Sleeve Shirt will assist with scapula retraction reminding the wearer to keep his/her posture straight. Designed with our unique fabric to reduce muscle vibration. This allows for more muscular efficiency = power with less pain. SWEAT IT OUT® with COOL COMPRESSION® technology fabric offers stretch and recovery of 200% in all directions (360°). This is a very effective tool for aiding both prevention of injury and helping in injury rehabilitation, as it was designed to give the shoulder its greatest total range of motion without restriction. Care Instructions: NO BLEACH! Machine wash cold, tumble dry warm. DO NOT Iron. NOT TO BE WORN WHILE SLEEPING.

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Weight 1 lbs

White, Black, Navy, Red


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Improved Posture Performance Compression Shirt – Short Sleeve for Men and Women



  • Training the body to maintain correct posture could be very helpful in reducing neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain.
  • Correct posture, with open shoulder girdle, will improve oxygen intake to help keep high energy levels and keep the body running efficiently for longer periods of time.
  • The ability to have great and flexible motion is what makes our Improved Posture Compression Shirt very unique.
  • The criss cross double ply of our powerful fabric inserted on the upper back of our performance shirt was designed to help maintain correct posture, keeping a high energy level, and gaining more confidence for longer duration of time using the upper body in repetitive movements.
  • Enhance cardio efficiency, reducing muscle vibration and fatigue.
  • Great shock prevention protecting the rotator cuff and muscle tissues around the shoulder area.
  • Aids recovery of damaged muscles by reducing swelling and increasing oxygen flow to areas of injury.
  • Upright posture with straightening the shoulder girdle helps improve oxygen intake to help maintain stamina and higher energy levels.
  • To protect the elbow on the throwing arm, we recommend you wear our Elbow / Forearm Compression Sleeve.
  • Helps free movement of the shoulder joint.
  • Must be worn as the first layer next to skin to get the full benefits of our product.
  • No Returns, No Exchanges
  • **If your measurements are out of the ranges listed below, there will be an extra charge of $20.00/garment added.**

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request, call 800-343-8960

Guide to Performance Compression Shirt Measurements

will not shrink–only natural fibers like cotton will shrink.

How to Measure Your Chest
Place tape measure around the chest at the nipple line, high up under the armpits and over the shoulder blades in the back.
The tape measure should be snug, so it does not droop down (but not tight). Arms are relaxed hanging down at the sides of the torso.

** If your measurements are out of the specified ranges, there will be an extra charge of $20.00/garment added. **
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Posture Support Compression Shirt

Bad posture doesn’t just look bad — it also causes tons of back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Ouch! Help improve your posture while you’re training, exercising, working, hanging out, or performing all sorts of daily activities just by wearing the SWEAT IT OUT® posture support compression shirt as your first layer of clothing. Manufactured with COOL COMPRESSION® Technology, our compression shirt features a unique design that helps improve posture and promote speedy recovery of your back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. You’ll feel like a brand new person once you allow your posture support compression shirt to work its magic. Wear this short-sleeve compression shirt regularly as your first layer of clothing to see speedy results. Buy a SWEAT IT OUT® posture support compression shirt today to provide your upper body with the necessary support!