Our Latest Customer Testimonial By Judy Ball On SWEAT IT OUT’s 1900 Compression Pants And The 1998 Sports Bra

Dear Efraim,

I’ve been a Sweatitout customer for over ten years and love your products.  I was new to exercising back in 2000 and looking for comfortable exercise clothes that fit well.  I found Sweatitout on the web, ordered the 1900 compression pants and the 1998 sports bra and have been re-ordering them ever since.  They hold up beautifully through many washings, they fit well, don’t ride up (pants or bras) and provide both comfort and support.
A few months ago, disgusted with how I felt on blood pressure meds and too much weight, I did something about it and now, almost 6 months later and almost 50 pounds lighter, I feel much better.  I confess it’s not the Sweatitout clothes but a new attention to exercise and what I eat — an improved lifestyle to put it simply.  I went to the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami where I learned that high blood pressure is as much the result of too much salt in one’s diet (even though I NEVER added salt to cooking or at the table) as too much weight.  In fact, with Pritikin’s medical supervision (their excellent physicians) I was off both blood pressure meds within a week because without salt in the food they provide, my blood pressure dropped significantly.  I lost over 10 pounds during my three weeks there and have lost an additional 35-40 pounds since.
The Pritikin mantra is virtually no salt (less than 1200 mgs a day), no sugar and very little fat (10-15% in any food item should be comprised of fat) and cardio exercise at least 5 times a week.
The average American diet of course has lots of salt, fat and sugar, even the “plain” canned or frozen fruits and veggies.  I now read labels carefully.  I can eat all I want (and I mean all I want) of fresh veggies and fruit and limit animal protein to 3-4 4 oz servings a week.  It’s really not hard at all.
There’s nothing worse than a convert, but here I am.  The good news is that I feel much better and now need smaller sized Sweatitout gear.  Hooray!
So thanks for listening to my story and for your great gear.
-Judy B