The COOL COMPRESSION® Technology Advantage

The Advantages of using SWEAT IT OUT® with COOL COMPRESSION® Technology could HELP YOU in the following ways: 

Wearing SWEAT IT OUT® every day from morning until you take it off at the end of the day, is the best way to support and protect your muscles. The quality of COOL COMPRESSION® technology is in both the fabric and the design.  Powerful yet flexible compression in a 360° rotation, stretching  200% with the body, in all directions, instead of against it.  The support is in the design.  We have taken the major muscle groups into consideration for each garment and thus have a product line to help with both common and uncommon muscular injuries.  Our fabric and garments will hold and support muscles with even pressure and compression all around —–this translates into a longer period of time where the body can work at peak performance levels before fatigue sets in.  The wicking portion of the fabric was designed to allow your perspiration to move out through the fabric to dry faster, eliminating the fabric from becoming saturated which helps keep the body temperature close to its core = 98.6°. Best to use for muscular injury prevention, rehabilitation from an injury and muscle maintenance . 

These items are all technologically engineered and scientifically proven to: 

– improve  accuracy of movement
– reduce swelling

Our items are used to help alleviate some very specific medical ailments that people suffer from such as: 
A)   Lymphedema
B)   Post-surgical support

For the general public dealing with anything ranging from varicose veins to low back pain, these undergarment items are sometimes worn every day as relief from such common ailments. THESE ITEMS ARE FOR EVERYONE for every day! NOT TO BE WORN FOR SLEEP