Need motivation to get in shape this spring?


The sun is finally shining! This means it’s time to get in great shape for the warm weather ahead! Here are 5 advantages of exercising during the spring:

1. The higher the temperature, the warmer your muscles will already be before stretching or doing other types of warms ups; which means you’ll feel less stiff and more flexible while playing a sport or working out. Even if you’re exercising in a gym where there’s air conditioning, the temperature and humidity is still higher than during the winter. Thawing out after winter always makes exercise more appealing!

2. Now that your muscles are warm, it means you’ll also be sweating a lot. Whether you’re strictly using free weights in the gym or running through the park, a warmer body in a warmer environment equals more sweat. And there’s nothing better than getting a nice sweat going when you’re working out! Sweating profusely is an obvious sign you’re having a great workout. Check out all the compression running gear for women or men at SWEAT IT OUT® to ensure your muscles stay fresh during your workouts this spring!

3. Exercising in a gym environment is great because you have all the equipment you need in one place. However, exercising outside when the weather is warm beats the gym any day of the week. Whether you’re jogging, jumping rope, hiking, doing pushups/pullups, sprints, running stairs or using free weights, getting the heart rate going under the sun is the ultimate exercise experience! Soak up those rays; Vitamin D does wonders for mind and body.

4. Now, with summer in sight, most frequent gym-goers will begin to increase the intensity of their workouts in order to lean out. And it’s also when people who haven’t been consistent during the last year, make commitments to themselves enjoy the all advantages of an active lifestyle. The summer brings along with it all kinds of outdoor activities. Enjoy them to the fullest this year by boosting your self-confidence with exercise!

Commit to get fit this spring! Get ready for the warm weather by stocking up on compression running gear for men or women at at today.