From an independent league baseball player

Being an independent league baseball player is often times extremely different from the bright lights and diamonds in the Major Leagues.  However since meeting Efraim a few years ago after Spring Training, he and his staff have given me Big League treatment, despite me currently only playing in the indy leagues. Sweatitout has helped keep me cool, and given me the extra support I require to pitch and train.  I am currently playing in Yuma, AZ, where often times the temperatures are 105-115 degrees, so for batting practice I wear a white coolmax shirt and often times a white coolmax long sleeve shirt to help keep cool.  When pitching I like to wear the shoulder and scap support compression shirt and long sleeves.  For post throwing recovery and an alternative method to reduce swelling without the use of ice which often times gave me stiffness.  The sweatitout arm sleeves are many of my fellow pitchers favorites too and I do my best to carry an extra one if a teammate needs it.  If I had to choose my favorite of the products I would pick the hip and groin support shorts and or pants.  If you like throwing a baseball downhill 60 feet 6 in with precision, movement, and velocity like I do … Checkout for staying cool and getting the extra support you want and need.

Jonathan “Zinger” Huizinga