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SWEAT IT OUT® with COOL COMPRESSION® Technology Performance Apparel

Special Sizing
Due to the nature of our items, we must use exact sizing measurements. We realize that everyone is built differently, and some people have special preferences and/or needs.

Although your size or requirements may not be available from our stock items, please contact us and see if we may create a size just for you.

Many customers find that if they simply voice their special needs, that we will be able to accommodate them and HAND MANUFACTURE our items for them. This includes the Performance Shorts/Pants, as well as our Sport Bras.

Return Policy
These items are undergarments and it is unlawful for us to accept returns and put these items back into stock. We are certain that you would not wish for us to ship you an undergarment item that someone else returned, so please make sure that you use the size guides that we have provided for you to order your correct size.

We are extremely interested in your response to our products, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. You can post your opinions and rate our products throughout our on line store, or email us at

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