4 Advantages COOLMAXⓇ fiber from SWEAT IT OUT® Can Provide You This Summer

Now that we can actually enjoy being outside with the nice weather, the amount of athletic activities we can perform are endless. Whether you need to buy compression tights or compression tops, we have all of the gear you need this summer.

One thing that can set you apart from your competition is the COOLMAXⓇ fiber from SWEAT IT OUT®, which helps prevent injuries while increasing productivity during a workout. This material pulls moisture away from your skin to help give you the best results.

The COOLMAXⓇ fiber, which is used by professional sports teams, has many benefits to any athlete wearing it. They include:

Better Hydration Status – COOLMAXⓇ fiber is proven to help your body with thermoregulation. What this means is that when athletes wear our gear instead of what competitors are selling, their skin temperatures are lower.

This also means that the apparel improves your hydration status during any form of exercise. The COOLMAXⓇ fiber helps keep your body dry, since it doesn’t have to sweat as much to cool itself down.

Lower Heart Rate – Normally, when your work out, your heart rate goes up. That isn’t the case with the apparel that we sell, since it keeps your body dryer, cooler and better hydrated. Your body doesn’t have to work as hard on thermoregulation, which leads to a lower heart rate.

Lower Exertion Levels – Because your body won’t be working as hard when you wear COOLMAXⓇ fiber, you will have lower exertion levels. Again, since your body is helped out with thermoregulation, you will have more energy when your workout.

More Comfortable – It is also proven that our COOLMAXⓇ fiber is more comfortable than any other apparel before and after a workout. Because you are dryer, you won’t feel wet and gross when doing what you love.

The best way to support your muscles and to prevent injury is to wear our Performance Compression apparel every day from the morning until you go to bed. We have everything you need to enjoy the activities you love doing this summer, such as our baseball sleeves.

If you are interested in improving your workouts or want to improve your health overall, give us a call at 1800-343-8960, or visit https://www.sweatitout.com/.